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Our customers are informed on the current COMEX prices and IBCW invites them to compare our prices with our competitors.Customers with 100+ pounds of scrap wire may qualify for fee pick-up service. Customer inquiries encouraged.

Buying Copper Wire (IBCW) has been serving the Texas area for over 5 years with the most competitive prices and reliable service. IBCW customers benefit from establishing a long-term relationship with Texas most reputable buyer.

Our gift to you for visiting our website, print this coupon and get 5 cents extra per lb. on any non-ferrous metals (excluding breakage). and get 10 cents more on your aluminum cans. DBW Metals Recycling accepts all competitors coupons for CRV materials.

About Us

Texas scrap metal buyer is definitely one of the up and coming firms that offer the best of scrap metals. We spent a lot of time researching in this field and then culled the perfect team and trained them further to ensure that we could specialize in our niche and be the very best.

At Texas scrap metal buyer, we leave no stone unturned to contact the best clients and industries. We searched multiple verticals and thereby procured the scraps from the finest industries. There are a lot of industrial surpluses which is often generated and the process of procurement can be a long one.

We pay full heed to the process of extraction of surplus, their subsequent treatment and are even aware of the way it can be put to use as well. It is this experience and expertise which sets us apart and makes us a name to be reckoned with.

We Provide


While your average scrap metal servicing facility is only too happy to quote you a low-end price and purchase all the metallic waste; rest assured, they are selling it off to commercial and industrial facilities at possibly three times the price and getting away with exorbitant profits which should be yours. At we buy copper […]


we buy copper wires are outfitted with cutting equipment, operated by certified operators with huge industrial experience with precision tools. To maximize your financial return as you invest in recycling, a scrap recycling predictive analysis


Contractors and their employees shall also be held accountable for meeting legislative requirements, and the safe work practices and procedures established by the company. By working together, hazards, which have the potential to result

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